How to get listed and work effectively with Speaker Bureaus


As a speaker, at some point you will consider working with Speaker Bureaus to help you grow your fees and your business.  Speaker Bureaus can get you higher fees, get you booked by the right clients and take the admin off your shoulders.  When the relationship works your business will really fly.  Sounds great, but how do you make it happen? 

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If you can say yes to one or more of the following, this One to One Session is for you:

  •  You don’t know which bureaus you should/should not be working with.
  •  You don’t know how to apply to bureaus and what they are looking for.
  •  You’ve been rejected or ignored when applying to bureaus.
  •  You’re not sure whether you need a bureau, a manager or an agent.
  •  You are listed with bureaus but have had little or no business from them.



The session is 90 minutes over Zoom with Maria Franzoni and you will cover:

The different types of Bureaus

All bureaus are different, there are several different types, serving different needs. I’ll show you where to find them and how you can find out if they are a good fit FOR YOU.

We’ll also look at the difference between a bureau, an agent and a manager.

And most importantly how to choose your bureau partner(s).

How Speaker Bureaus work

Once you understand how speaker bureaus work it’s so much easier to work with them and build a long-term mutually successful relationship.  We will look at:

  •  How speaker bureaus choose the speakers they add to their rosters.
  •  What bureaus look for from their speakers.
  •  What commissions bureaus take; do they charge you to list you and should you do showcases?
  •  How bureaus work with clients (corporates, meeting planners etc).
  •  What motivates bureau agents.

How to get listed with Speaker Bureaus

The big mistakes to avoid.

  •  What you need to have in place to be considered "Speaker Bureau Ready".
  •  Exactly what information to send and how to present it.
  •  When and if you should ever work exclusively with a bureau.

You’re on the roster – now what?

  •  How to stay connected and front of mind without pestering.
  •  How to get booked once you’re on the roster (it’s not guaranteed).
  •  How to get booked more often once you are being booked.
  •  How to grow your business in partnership with your bureau colleagues.


The takeaways from this session are:

  •  An understanding of how Speaker Bureaus work.
  •  Clarity on how to select the Bureaus to work with.
  •  3 strategies to help you get bureaus' attention.
  •  How to build your relationship and get booked more often.
  •  Our "Speaker Bureau Ready" checklist so that you can ensure you are totally prepared.

How to get listed and work effectively with Speaker Bureaus One to One Session

£500.00 plus VAT


Who is Maria Franzoni?

Who am I to advise you on your Speaking Business and in particular Speaker Bureaus?

I have held senior positions with 2 leading bureaus; CSA Celebrity Speakers and London Speaker Bureau – named by the New York Times as “the only international speaker bureau”.  In 2007 I founded my own multi-million-pound Speaker bureau.

I have worked with the “who’s who and the who’s that?” of the speaking world, including first man on the moon Neil Armstrong; business magnate Richard Branson and racing champion Jacques Villeneuve …. To name (drop) a few. 

I am former co-chair of the European Association of Speaker Bureaus. Director of We Do Things Differently cultural change consultancy founder of Speaking Business Academy and host of  Speaking Business podcast; Speaking Business TV and The Speaker Show.