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Mary Tillson-Wharton


Helping speakers develop and deliver transformational speeches and content



“It’s simple: Mary knows what works. She has a sharp eye for relevance and a well-tuned ear for impact. Tapping into Mary’s rich experience gave me the fresh perspective I needed to bring extra sparkle into future talks. Every moment with Mary is valuable.”

Allister Frost - Future-Ready Mindset Speaker and Author


How am I qualified to help you?

I am Head of Speaker Coaching and Momentum at Speaking Business Academy. I help new and established speakers develop their content and messaging as well as maximise their personal impact and delivery to ensure that they are at all times relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to be able to listen to and understand them. Three known essentials to getting booked to speak again and again. 

As a highly experienced Management and Leadership Development Principal Consultant working with global blue-chip companies for over 20 years, I am well equipped to help speakers ensure their messages and content land well with a corporate audience.

Many clients are now looking for a return on their investment from a speaker and want the learning from the speech embedded back within their business in some way to bring about the behavioural change they seek. I can show you how to build on the momentum from the speech to achieve this.

Over the years I have coached Olympians, Adventurers, CEOs, Premier League football and rugby stars, Formula 1 executives and stars, Atlantic rowers, Hollywood actors, World rally drivers and a whole army of simply amazing people with powerful stories and messages they want to get out there. Stories that make a difference.

Feedback is the key to improving, and I provide healthy challenge and  focused gifts of feedback and additional coaching and tips as necessary. I am passionate about setting my clients up for success and I make sure my coaching is practical as well as fun! I always leave my clients with a range of practical tools tips and techniques they can use long after their coaching with me has concluded setting them up for their future success.

I offer a range of sessions as shown below and if you want to find out more about any of them simply drop me an email to set up a chat to: [email protected]

"It's incredible to see people taking on and owning your message after applying it to their own lives, but it's testament to the fact that when you do exactly what Mary Tillson-Wharton says your keynote lands!"  Jaz Ampaw-Farr



To discuss any of the services Mary offers, please email her at: [email protected]