Penny Mallory

Refreshing your content to be relevant to your clients

Penny totally re-engineered her content after we worked together. Penny speaks on Mental Toughness and has made the topic her own. “I no longer talk about what I do, what I talk about is what changes could happen for you. So, I flipped the conversations to be around the client’s needs. I still talk about my story, but now it’s the backdrop for my message – not the main topic. The message is the four key components that make up mental toughness, I’ve restructured my whole talk around that, and it makes much more sense. I’ve always believed that if you’re very clear about the question or the proposition at the beginning (of the talk) and I remind the audience all the way through and then come back to where I started – it’s a very clear journey. I tightened all that up as a result of the course and now the talk is more enjoyable for me and hopefully for them.”

A valuable reminder for even the most experienced speakers. You are never too experienced to refresh your offer, rethink your material or tighten up your positioning.

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