Maria Pressentin

Getting a fresh perspective on content

Singapore based Dr. Maria Pressentin wanted to change direction and build a new speaking business. Formerly a director for a well-known global training and consultancy business for Asia, it was time for her to strike out on her own. Maria changed her bio, her positioning and her content. One of the biggest things she realised was that, despite speaking at major events for many years, it suddenly felt very different speaking about her own content, “I’d never really thought about how to come up with a great opening. And I suddenly had to think about how to close it properly. If you don’t open well and close properly, then people are going to forget you. Maria told me to be courageous, just do it, be brave. Having a safe space for me to try some new things really helped, it was invaluable to have such precise feedback.“

So, experienced speakers benefit from having a fresh perspective on the structure and content of their talks. There’s no doubt that Dr. Pressentin’s content was already powerful but crafting a great opening and a powerful close will see her being booked again, and again and again.

So if it’s been a while since you refreshed your content, or you are in the process of refining your material, doing so could could give you the razor sharp edge to produce a world-class performance yourself.

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