Leon Lloyd

Quality Scoping

A recent Speaking Business Academy participant, Leon Lloyd, (who played Rugby for England before going into business) got much more focussed on exploring outcomes with his clients after working with me.

“I really understand the market now and am much better at scoping what a client needs. Normally, someone will come to me and say, “Can you do a session to my city management team on culture?” Or whatever the topic may be. My sweet spot is culture, people, and teamwork, so I’d say “Yes, no problem”, because I feel like I know culture, teamwork inside out. But what I now do is ask them “What part of culture is a challenge? And what’s happened in the past? What does good look like?  What would you like it look like in the future?” Something happened recently that shows this change really well. I found out that a booking I had was actually part of a larger annual speaker programme, and I was month 10. So, I asked them who spoke before me and who spoke in month nine? What were their messages? What were their key learning outcomes? Who was speaking in month 11? I told them I wanted to know because I can lay the foundation for that next speaker going on. I would not have done that if it wasn’t for Maria. The client was saying, “That’s brilliant, because you’re going to lay the foundations for the next session.” Even though I don’t benefit from that, the client does. It shows that I wanted to ensure that there was a consistent thread throughout the programme. The budget holder who booked me was really pleased that I was taking the group into account.”

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