Jack Milner

Finding your Niche

As you develop as a speaker, it’s often the case that you adapt to the market and broaden your topic over time. However, when you want to increase your fees, you will probably find that you need to really niche back down again. That can be hard to do when it means letting go of material that has financially served you well over the years. But if you want to go higher up the ladder, it often has to be done. A good example of this is Jack Milner.

Jack helps clients use humour to improve their personal performance. He’s well qualified, he’s one of the most prolific creators on the comedy scene with radio, TV, and theatre productions under his belt. But he realised that he had drifted over time and wasn’t doing what he was best at. He found he was doing mostly presentation skills training with a comedy twist, and it had ended up becoming his main income generator. He was aching to get back what he loved most; comedy, “I felt stale and tired, so I decided to get some help.”

When we were working together Jack had a light bulb moment, “I finally realised that what I wanted to do had been there all along, I just didn’t believe in myself. I had that irritating English self-deprecating nonsense going on that was getting in the way of it. I found the belief that there was magic there. I soon discovered that the door was already half open with my existing clients of my presentation skills courses, and I didn’t even realise it.” Jack isn’t changing lanes completely, but his clients want his “Find Your Funny” offering and he’s closer than he has been for years to doing what he loves for clients who love him already.

Sometimes it just takes standing back, thinking things through, and having an external viewpoint to see the road clearly again.

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