Henry Rose Lee

Using video to get booked

A speaker participant in the Speaking Business Academy, Henry Rose Lee was resistant to video. She’s a professional voice over artist, as well as a stage/virtual speaker. She told me she has the perfect face for radio because she had a habit of gurning on camera, “Maria told me I needed to get videos on the website, and even if it’s painful, and you think they’re the worst thing ever, get on video. So, after working with her, I had an extremely painful couple of days where I created six little videos of about 50 seconds, 60 seconds each, and I put them on the website. For example I did the six things that I can do at the moment across intergenerational diversity and inclusion. I had to just get over myself. I’ve got more comfortable with it to the point that now, when a client asks me what can I do around a topic I do a quick video for them. I sit in front of zoom and record something. I’ll say something like, “I specialise in intergenerational diversity. What does that mean to you? Well, it means this, this and this, and I can do it this this and this way. So let me know if you’re interested”. Sometimes I do a video before speaking that says “Welcome to this conference on ABC, I’m really delighted you’re joining us, here’s what I’m going to be doing”. I’m still gurning, or screwing up my eyes, but Maria told me to just do it because it allows them to see what it is that they’re getting. She reminded me that they’re not judging me, in the way that I’m judging myself. I’ve learned that lesson, painful though it is!”

Remember that video isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being who you are so clients know what they are getting. They’re seeing your visual, the flavour of you, how well you speak and how articulate you are, and that you can get your message across.

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