Gerrie Hawes

How to create Content  

Speaking Business Academy member Gerrie Hawes is an experienced presenter who  worked with me because she wanted to build a stronger personal brand and strengthen her positioning as a business speaker.

Gerrie found the training on videos particularly useful, “Maria’s idea on 28 ways to use video really made me re-think writing copy. Using video as a starting point is really useful because as a speaker, speaking is more natural than writing for me. So, I start with a basic structure, record it on video and transcribe the output. I end up with something much emotional and human that I can use in lots of different places to promote my ideas and my profile. For example, I did a Christmas video which was 12 ideas to engage your remote team at Christmas. I used all of the principles from my main keynote as the core of the content, then I cut it up into the 12 pieces that I delivered over 12 days. So, I had lots of elements that I could use; stills (from the videos), I could use the transcriptions, and turn those into articles as well.  I feel much more inclined to create content now, because I know I’ve got lots of different ways I can use the material once it’s finished.”

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