Gavin Ingham

Asking the client the right questions

Business speaker, Gavin Ingham, who has years of experience asking great questions, picked up a simple idea that I shared with him (one that we used at the bureau) to crystallise the end of an enquiry call.

Gavin told me that he used to ‘sort of’ cover this anyway, but now he makes what the client wants really clear at the end of an enquiry call by asking simply, “How to you want people to think ,feel, act as a result of the session?

“It ties things up really nicely and boils the conversation down to a nice clean finish. It puts a pretty bow on it if you like,” Gavin told me. The client knows that he’s going to be on point and delivering what they need. It’s not that he didn’t ask them before, but now it’s as he puts it, “really, really tidy.”

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