Cyriel Kortleven

Expert Bio  

I worked with Cyriel Kortleven, a speaker from Belgium who is an expert in Change Mindset. Cyriel works with corporates who are navigating challenge changes in their organisations. He already knew his audience and his niche but wanted to work out how to communicate his true value proposition so he could attract the right clients. He’d been working in the area of creativity, innovation and change for 15 years and found he was struggling to differentiate himself between trend-watchers, creativity and innovation experts. He knew his bio wasn’t doing him justice and his previous identifier as “The Simplifier” was causing confusion. So, he went through the whole process of really considering what he did, how he did it and how it could articulate that in his bio and materials so his talks would really hit the mark with prospective clients, “I realised that The Simplifier wasn’t specific enough – people weren’t sure if I simplified processes, ideas or change – it was too easy for people to put me in the productivity box – but what I do isn’t about that. It’s about giving people a mindset that helps them adapt to change.  It just wasn’t working that well for me.” Going through the process of re-writing his bio really got Cyriel thinking about my value. I’m not a theorist or a futurist, I very much more down to earth; what we can do today? How can we make change a little bit easier?

“It seemed a bit crazy to spend so much time on two short paragraphs, but now I’ve got them it’s a lot easier to position myself in different areas. It helped me come up with my tagline ‘Making Change Simple’ It was a real breakthrough for me.”

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