Caspar Craven

Finding your USP

Caspar Craven has a great story. He sailed around the world with his young family and learned many lessons on that journey that he shared with audiences. People loved his talk, and he had a book to accompany it called “Where the Magic Happens”. But Caspar had a niggling worry about the longevity and relatability of his content. After all, few of the audience members would ever make time to sail around the world (even though during his talk he spoke about all the roadblocks that seemed unsurmountable) and although the tale was inspiring – he felt there was a gap between his talk and the challenges that his business clients were facing in the real world. So, he put his thinking cap on, and joined one of the Speaking Business courses, to re-build his ideas around what his clients really needed from him.

Caspar re-positioned himself from being an adventurer entrepreneurial keynote speaker to the high-performance teamwork specialist. He went from talking essentially about himself and what lessons he had learned to talking about his audience and their challenges. It was a subtle shift, but it has made a massive difference to his business and the results his clients are getting, Caspar said, “It was Maria’s insight around that particular section of the market that helped me. She was able to home in on how we could create a contrast with what I was doing, compared to what everyone else was doing. We worked together to define what was unique compared to all the traditional goal setting speakers and what was different from the marginal gains speakers. It really helped to know who and what was out there and how I could define my unique angle.”

He is now the leading authority on ‘Big Bold Goals’ and uses phrases such as ‘re-thinking the rules of high performance teamwork’. The essence of the sailing element of his story is still there; he helps people to ‘chart success’ and to ‘navigate the 8 steps to navigating a winning team’. He has successfully navigated his own change, and all his materials now incorporate his new positioning. His business is growing fast, and he is no longer the only person who can deliver his Big Bold Goals content, he has a fast-growing high performance team of his own.  So, it is possible to change without losing your essence. As a speaker you need to listen to the market, be aware of what people need from you and keep adapting and refreshing what you do – no matter how long you have been in the business.

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