What to put on your speaker website if you don’t have many assets

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I’ve been working with a new speaker who is creating his first speaker website and he is finding it hard.  When you start out you won’t have testimonials, video footage, case studies and input from clients to help you to craft your content and offering.  His dilemma was how to fill the gaps.  It’s inspired this week’s Saturday Missive.  What to put on your speaker website if you don’t have many assets.


Below are 10 ideas of what you can include to fill some gaps on your site to make it more attractive to bookers so that they can choose you. Select some of the below to in addition to you Home Page, About Page and Speaking Page.


  1. Thought Leadership Content

Use this space to showcase your expertise. Write blog posts or articles that delve into the topics you talk about. My Saturday Missive is also my blog post on my website and my mailshot content.  Repurpose where you can.


  1. Video Clips

Even if you haven't spoken at any events yet or if you haven't got useable footage when you have, you can record a short video of yourself delivering a powerful message. Bookers need to see you speak, hear your voice, give them a little taste on a short intro video.  You can also create videos as an alternative to a blog, a vlog.  Again, these can be repurposed to sit on your YouTube channel and can be used as social media content.  


  1. Free Resources

You could offer downloadable PDFs, templates, or guides that visitors can get in exchange for their email.  It's a win-win: they get valuable resources, and you get to build your mailing list.  Even if you decide not to send a mailshot you’ll collect details of people interested in your topic, pretty useful.


  1. Social Proof

You may not have testimonials or case studies yet, but you probably have some kind of social proof. Feature any media mentions, podcast appearances, or guest posts. If you haven't got any yet, this is your nudge to get going. 


  1. FAQ Section

A very useful part of any website where you can deal with questions or objections your potential clients might have.  


  1. Your Story

People love a good story. Share your journey, and what sets you apart from other speakers by sharing your story.  This is not the same as your About section which should feature your speaker bio but it can be on the same page.


  1. Interactive Quizzes or Assessments

Create a quiz related to your area of expertise that provides value and engages your audience. It’s great research for you and added value for the participant. It’s also another way of capturing emails.


  1. Collaborations and Partnerships

Showcase any brands, organisations, or other speakers you've collaborated with. It's the digital equivalent of name-dropping, but in a good way.


  1. Media Kit Download

A downloadable media kit that can include your bio, high-res photos, speaking topics is very helpful to potential clients and it shows that you are professional and experienced.


  1. Live Social Media Feed

If you are very active on social media and are adding great content and value (of course you are) integrate a live feed of your social media channels.


Now don’t go crazy, this is not a checklist, please don’t do all the above, be selective. You don’t want to overpopulate the site and confuse people.  Make sure that anything you include speaks to your target audience and is relevant to what you are trying to do, i.e. get booked to speak.  Let me know how you get on.



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