With Gordon Glenister

Gordon Glenister is a membership and influencer marketing expert.

Having led an industry body for 11 years in the promotional product sector, he launched his own consultancy to help trade associations and professional bodies with their strategy. 

Little did he know he would stumble on the influencer marketing sector.

Since the launch of the Branded Content Marketing Association Influence division, Gordon has written a 300-page book on influencer marketing strategy, started his global influence podcast, interviewed some amazing brands and thought leaders and keynoted at conferences.

He is also the founder of the top 100 most influential people index and Membership World a community of CE0s within the membership sector.  

Gordon shares the role of an influencer and how to be really successful as one, how speakers can resonate with their audiences online better, how speakers can measure the effectiveness of your influence and the benefits of live streaming.

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