3 LinkedIn Tips For You

As you know I love LinkedIn for networking, engaging, and doing business.  I regularly like to pick the brains of LinkedIn experts to keep up to date with what’s going on with the Algorithm and how best to behave on the platform. 
So, this week I’m sharing some of what I learned on my podcast interview with LinkedIn Marketing Strategist Melanie Goodman.  There’s lots more so it’s worth listening to the whole discussion.  Here are 3 things I learned, I hope they are of use:

  • Editing your post once posted limits its reach.  Who knew? How crazy.  So, if you have a tiny typo you are better off leaving it alone.  This will teach me to read and re-read before pressing post. 
  • Use polls sparingly, the best way to use polls is for market research, ask questions that are going to help you to create better services and offerings for your clients.  Yes!
  • LinkedIn loves documents.  If you have several photos turn them into a PDF and share in a post.  Apparently the post will do better than if it’s a photo.  What??? Yes, that’s what I said.

The Algorithm is very strange.

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