Consultancy and Speaking with Paul Spiers

Paul Spiers is Founder of The New P&L® Brand Purpose Institute and host of the internationally respected global business podcast series, ‘The New P&L® – Principles & Leadership in Business’.  He is focussed on helping leaders to solve one of today’s big business challenges:  how to rediscover and re-engage Purpose in their business, then use it to underpin and drive its commercial, strategic and operational arteries - the critical cornerstones of any successful business.

A respected thought leader and advocate for a ‘New P&L’ for Business – one based on Principles & Leadership not just Profit and Loss, Paul is on a global mission to rid businesses of their ‘vinyl values’ – empty slogans, propositions and statements that are as thin as the office walls they so often reside on, and replace them with an intentional commitment to authentic and principled leadership and purpose-led business; to inspire leaders, engage employees and ignite innovation and growth.

Paul discusses the need for a a new set of leadership characteristics to help businesses navigate multiple challenges as we come out of the Pandemic, the benefits of self-awareness for leaders and how leaders can enhance their self-awareness and why he is an advocate for a new P&L for businesses.

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