Can you reduce your fee as we've not got enough budget?

"Can you reduce your fee as we've not got enough budget?"

The answer of course is "No."

As a speaker, you will often be asked to reduce your fee. But you don't want to discount as it's just taking money off without getting anything back. You might consider negotiating. 

Negotiation is a bit of give and take—if you reduce your fee, then what do you want in exchange? It's something to consider. When I work with speakers, I encourage them to have a list of reasons why they might negotiate. It's not my original idea—it's something Robert Craven, Director of Grow Your Own Digital Agency, told me he's been doing for many years, and I thought it was excellent practice.

So, what are your reasons to negotiate? Do you have your own list? Is it shareable with anyone working with you so they know when and if you will negotiate?

If you aren't sure, you may find this list prepared by Srijata Bhatnagar – Set Back Leadership Champion, very helpful.  It really is very good.

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