Iā€™m transitioning ā€¦. It might not be what you think

My transition is from email to LinkedIn newsletter.  I recently started publishing my Saturday Missive on LinkedIn as a newsletter, you may be reading this on LinkedIn at this very moment.  Maybe you are wondering why I’ve done this.  It’s definitely been an interesting experience.  


Initially it was a bit of an experiment, would it help me get more reach, would I attract some new people, would it be easier for people to opt in if they don’t have to give me their email?  The answer very quickly has been yes to all the above.   You see I’ve never really had a big one, email list that is.  By most standards mine is fairly modest and it’s taken me several years to get there.  By modest I mean under 2K.  My bureau list wasn’t huge either nearer the 5K – but then I was in that business a lot longer than this one.  I’ve never gone for the big numbers, rather the quality.  So, if you are on my list, you are quality šŸ˜‰.  When I published my newsletter on LinkedIn I got my subscribers to 4 figures in a matter of days where it had taken years on email.  So, I got to thinking.  Do I really need an email list?  And I’m thinking, I don’t think I do.


I know the gurus and experts go on and on about the importance of building a massive email list for your business. "The money’s in your list", they say. I’m sure that’s true if you are looking to sell high volumes, but for me, and many speakers it’s about high fees without the high volumes.  And let’s remind ourselves that it's 2023, and the world isn't as one-dimensional as it used to be. So, let's stir the pot a little and look at why you might not need an email list at all. Yep, you read that right.


First, let's rewind a little. There was a time when your email list was your best friend, your loyal customer base, and your ticket to business success. But things are different now and it's up to you how you navigate the waters.  I’m talking about the sea again, anyone would think I like to sail, I don’t, I get seasick.


Here's some food for thought:  now food as an analogy I can get behind, I’m Italian I live to eat, not like those folk who eat to live.  I digress, I do that, sorry.  OK back to the topic:


Chasing More than an Email List

Your business isn't just about an email list. It's about your product, your service, your customer care, your brand reputation - etc. All these things can thrive without an email list, you know.  It’s about building relationships.  I’d rather focus my time on my relationships than my email list. More CRM than Mailchimp. Who’s with me?


Email Overload, Anyone?

People's inboxes are drowning in emails. And let's face it, who's got time to read them all? Instead of adding to the clutter, how about connecting with your audience in a more engaging way?


LinkedIn Newsletter - The New Kid on the Block

I can hear you shouting, Maria this isn’t new, you’re just late to the party.  I know but I was early to the LinkedIn Live (video) party and LinkedIn wasn’t ready for me, it never really got started.  But it seems that LinkedIn is ready for newsletters.  In fact, when you publish your first newsletter LinkedIn shares it with your entire network.  It’s amazing to see the subscribers going up and up after just one publication, I had to keep refreshing to see the numbers.  That first missive for me on LinkedIn was so exciting.  And, better still, unlike my Mailchimp email newsletters I don’t get told every time someone unsubscribes.  Which still wounds me to this day, why oh, why are you breaking up with me, I thought we had something? šŸ„¹


Your LinkedIn newsletter also acts as another post, another longer piece of content. And personally, I prefer to have someone subscribe and I can then go to their LinkedIn profile and find out more about them, yes you can see all your subscribers and check them out.  With an email list you can have someone subscribe with a random email address like ‘[email protected]’ that tells me nothing, apart from the fact that they are MASH fans.  (Are you old enough to get that reference?)


SEO - Don't Underestimate It

A well-optimised website can attract people actively looking for what you offer. That's something an email list can't do, right?  But if you’re like me and can’t get excited about SEO, sorry but it’s not my thing, let me tell you something that will make you smile.  LinkedIn shows up in searches far more often than your website will, and your LinkedIn newsletters are more likely to show up on a Google search than the content you send on an email.  I publish my newsletter on my website too, but my website doesn't have the domain authority LinkedIn does, again LinkedIn wins.


The Money isn’t in the List it’s in the Connections

Your business network and strategic partnerships can bring in big rewards. A mention on a client’s blog, on their LinkedIn post or a referral can get you more business than an email list. Yes or no?


So, there you have it. I'm not saying throw out your email list. I'm just saying there's more to business than an email list. That’s why I’m gradually transitioning from mailings to LinkedIn, that and the fact that the saving means I can treat myself to an extra bottle of champers with the subscription fee savings.  So, if you received this on email, please unsubscribe from the email list, yes you read that right, and resubscribe HERE.


Oh and a final thought - let's not believe everything the experts say, including me, experts have to speak generally unless you are working one to one with them, everything doesn’t always apply.


I'd love to know your thoughts on this and whether you've tried any of these alternatives and if you are also a LinkedIn newsletter publisher.  You know me, always keen to hear from you.

Take care,


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