How to make 150K a year from speaking

It’s a very achievable target but for those starting out it might seem a little daunting.  You just need to break it down into manageable steps.

First of all you will have set yourself up with the following:

  • A clear proposition for a market that will pay you to speak
  • All the assets needed for a booker to book you:
  1.           Good Video
  2.           Well written bio
  3.           Testimonials
  4.           Topic/s with descriptions and outcomes
  5.           Quality photos
  • And (of course) a good speech (or 3)

If you have all of the above, then let’s go:

Let’s say you are charging 5K per speech.
150K/5K = 30 speeches a year = 3 a month (I’m giving you 2 months off)
We’re going to set a modest conversion rate, I am confident you can convert more than 1 in 3 enquiries.  Let’s start with a 1 in 3 conversion.  3 bookings a month = 9 enquiries a month. Or approx. 2 enquiries a week.
2 enquiries a week is not a big number.
But how do you get to 2 enquiries a week?  Two ways:

  1. Create content regularly on LinkedIn, giving value.  You will attract prospects with your content and they will reach out to talk to you to enquire how they can work with you. (it’s what I do on LinkedIn).  It takes time and you need to be consistent, but it works.
  2. Prospect, reach out to people and organisations who book conferences and events and pay speakers. Connect, engage, build relationships.  It also takes time, but it works.  Again LinkedIn is a great platform to do this.

If you want help with either of the above – you know where I am.  I’ll go a deeper into both of the above in future emails.

Have a great week.

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