How to go from 4 to 5, 5 to 6, or 6 to 7 figure speaking

Most speakers we work with are in the 5-figure space wanting to get to 6, we have a few in the 6 who have gone to 7 and a handful very comfortably at 7 figures.  When they tell us they want to grow we apply the 3 strategies below. 
Let’s take the example of Speaker X, let’s call her Alex, who is charging 5K per speech and currently speaking 20 times a year = 100,000.  But she would like to get to half a million in the next year and eventually to 7 figures.  Here’s how she can do that.

  1. Speak more often. 

To get to 500K at 5K per speech she would need to speak 100 times a year.
To achieve that she will need to focus on her sales and marketing.And it’s very doable.

  1. Increase her fee

Alex could charge more and still speak 20 times a year.  To reach 500K she would need to charge 25K per speech.  That requires her to work on what she delivers in terms of outcomes, her positioning, and her speaking skills.  Plus of course sales and marketing (sales and marketing are always in the mix)

  1. Sell more each time she is booked to speak

If Alex were to build a portfolio of products and services, she could sell more to each client.So, for example if every time she is booked to speak at 5K, she sells in a training programme, a mix of online and in person for 20K, she can reach her 500K without adding additional clients. This requires developing additional products and services so that what Alex offers is more than just a speech (as we like to say). It also requires putting a process in place to introduce those additional services as part of the sale.(And of course, sales and marketing).
But Alex would really like to go to 7 figures …..
You’re probably ahead of me now having read the above, because the real success is in combining all three, which is what we love to help speakers do.  Let’s look at Alex again and let’s apply all the strategies in one go
100 x speeches per year @ 25K per speech, plus the 20K add on of services = 4.5 million
Yes, these are aspirational figures, but you can see how you could really grow your business by applying any or all of these methods.
If you’d like a chat about the above – book a time in my diary, I’d be delighted to help you decide on your strategy:

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