How do I join a speaker agency, how do I get professional representation?

These questions are top of mind for any speaker really wanting to break into the world of professional speaking.  If you can get representation you can focus on delivering great content and leave all the heavy lifting to your agent.  But how do you go about getting representation? 

It's probably helpful to understand how Speaker Bureaus and Agents choose the speakers they add to their rosters; what they look for.

If a speaker fits any of the following criteria, they will be of interest to a bureau:

  • The speaker’s topic is relevant, current and of interest to the bureau’s clients
  • They fill a gap on the roster (fee level, expertise, nationality, diversity)
  • They have a new approach or fresh ideas on an established topic
  • They have done something noteworthy (new book/research/world record etc)
  • They walk the talk – (Adventurer still climbing, CEO or politician still in post etc)
  • They are different, have unique content, a unique view, use humour

If you can say yes to one or more of the above, you will likely be of interest to a speaker bureau (if they are taking on new speakers). 

However not all speakers are “match-ready” or as I call it “speaker bureau ready”.  What that means is that you have everything needed by an agent or bureau to put you out into the market and book you. 

What does being Speaker Bureau Ready mean in more detail?  It means that you have the following in place as a minimum:

  • A great speech
  • A well written bio
  • Testimonials
  • Good video
  • A clear USP

For a full list of what it means to be Speaker Bureau Ready grab a copy of my checklist and see how you get on.


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