Have you got yourself stuck at a fee plateau?

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We’re coming to another year end and hopefully it’s been a good one for you.  You’ve had a decent number of bookings, achieved your target and beaten last year.  But you’ve done it by doing more rather than through raising your fees.  Have you got yourself stuck at a fee plateau?


You’re delivering powerful, engaging presentations, receiving rave reviews, but when it comes to financial rewards, you're still where you were years ago.  Not only is this disheartening; it undervalues your expertise and limits your growth potential. In a rapidly evolving market, failing to adjust your fees can leave you trailing behind, both financially and professionally.  It’s time to increase your rates.  But how?


Let me give you a few strategies to get you started:


  1. Are you talking about problems?

There are two types of buyers, those who want to avoid pain (solve a problem) and those who want to achieve a gain (get a positive result).  Who pays more?  People with problems that need solving.  Yet so few speakers talk about the problems they solve on their websites and in their materials.  Are you one of those?


  1. First impressions count, in person and online

Do you show up as an expensive, experienced expert who delivers?  That means not skimping.  Your website, your video, photos, and you need to look like the fee you want to get paid.  First impressions count.  If you want to be paid a premium look like you don’t need the money.  You will be judged.  Show up looking like a success before you even are.


  1. Define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

We often talk about USPs (unique selling propositions) but are you also thinking about your UVP?   Your USP highlights what sets you apart, your UVP focuses on the specific value that your uniqueness brings to your clients.  What sets you apart?  Is it your experience, your style, your story?  How does that bring value to your clients?  Pinpointing your UVP will help you justify those higher fees.


  1. Grow your network.

Broaden your audience through virtual speaking engagements, international conferences, connecting with new people on LinkedIn.  A wider reach can significantly increase your market value.  There are many event organisers who look for speakers with large networks and are willing to pay them more.


  1. Create unique content

Develop exclusive content, tools, techniques, or a unique approach to a topic.  This will not only help you get more bookings it will help you charge more for them.  


  1. Keep learning

Stay ahead of trends and continually hone your skills. Speakers who are seen as lifelong learners and industry leaders can more easily ask for higher fees.


  1. Learn to negotiate

Master the art of negotiation. Understand your worth and be prepared to articulate it confidently during fee discussions. 


Make next year the year that you break the mould and step into the financial recognition you deserve.  Put your fees up.  I will be 😉


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