3 surprising changes that could double your speaking business.

I hope you participated in the recent survey with our US friends at Speakerflow.  It’s aptly titled, “The State of the Industry Report”.  Speakers from around the world answered a series of questions that allowed Speakerflow to pull together a massive amount of data and information.

There was one page that really struck a chord with me.  On the report it’s page 6 (don’t worry if you haven’t got it, there’s a link at the bottom of this email so that you can get a copy from the Speakerflow website.)

Page 6 showed 3 ways of working that make a huge difference to turnover.  What these are won’t surprise you, the results will:


The difference using a CRM makes to your turnover:

Average turnover without:                             130K

Average turnover with:                                  360K


The difference having a team/some support makes to turnover:

Average turnover without:                             128K

Average turnover with:                                  456K


The difference making contact annually or quarterly with past clients makes:

Average turnover for those who don’t:         255K

Average turnover for those who do:              361K


If you aren’t using a CRM or don’t check in with past clients you can start doing so as of Monday morning, this afternoon if you haven’t got plans.  You can immediately take action.  Adding a team may be a longer-term proposition. 

Let me know if you are going to apply any of the above.  Do enjoy the report, it makes for interesting reading, and if you didn’t participate this year, please do next year, we need to gather information about the market and this is a great source of valuable information.

Here’s the link to the full report: https://speakerflow.com/resources/

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