Why would a client choose you over the competition?

There are so many speakers out there, many excellent speakers.  There is a lot of choice for Event Planners when it comes to booking a speaker.  So why will they choose you over the competition?

There are 5 reasons a client will book You to speak, they are common sense but so few speakers articulate these in their materials.  I hope after reading these that you will add the reasons applicable to you to your website, LinkedIn and anywhere you share your speaking credentials.  Make it easy to get chosen over the competition:

  1. You solve a problem

A problem that is relevant and important to a client.  That requires you to state the problem in your client’s words and to share why they should be solving it now.

  1. You save them time

Time is money.  Except you can make more money, you can’t make more time.  At least I don’t think you can if you’ve found a way, send me a note.  If you can save a client time it impacts their performance, productivity and profitability.  We all want to save time.

  1. You make them think differently

Differently about a subject, a challenge, the current situation.  Whatever it is, you move them through your speech to think differently.  Thinking differently will ultimately cause people to behave differently.

  1. You make them money 

Needs no further explanation.

  1. You make them feel good, inspired, different

If you can take an audience on an emotional journey leaving them in a better place than when they started, you’ll be booked again and again and at high fees. 

If you can do several of the above even better.

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