How do you get to 2 enquiries a week?

A few weeks ago I promised I’d share how to get 2 enquiries a week for your speaking business.  This was based on achieving a certain target per year.  Let’s not worry about the numbers, it could be 1, 2 or 10 enquiries a week.  Let’s talk about how to get enquiries.
There are 2 ways:

  • You attract them or
  • You prospect for them

Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned about attracting business, without any ad spend. (We’ll look at prospecting next week)

To attract enquiries, you need to be visible.  For speakers LinkedIn is great for visibility as many of your bookers are on LinkedIn. 
Many people think of LinkedIn as a social media platform, it’s more of a networking platform with a bit of social media on top.   Solopreneur Justin Welsh recently shared that only 1% of users are regularly posting on LinkedIn, what an amazing opportunity.  For me, creating content on LinkedIn is to get visibility, get known, build relationships and get business.  By showing up regularly, and consistently you stay top of mind and build credibility. 
Here's what I’ve learned about creating content for LinkedIn that you might find helpful:

  1. Give value.  Whatever the topic is that you are sharing give away some of your expertise, be generous.  Giving value reaps huge rewards.  As Media Expert Gary Vaynerchuck says – Give value, Give value, Give value, Ask for business.  Which brings me to point number 2.
  2. After you have given value regularly, you can absolutely ask for business in your posts.  You can tell your audience what you do and how you can help them, but don’t forget to give value first.  Gary says 3 to 1 in terms of ratios, I’d be even more generous than that in favour of the value giving when starting out especially.
  3. Don’t post and run.  Probably the most important lesson I’ve learned is that when you post you need to hang around and engage with any comments that come in.  So, I plan my posts around a time when I can respond and engage.  If there is little or no activity, I’ll add comments and support to other people’s posts.  It’s amazing how often that is reciprocated and that all helps boost your reach.
  4. Encourage engagement, commenting and reactions.  If there isn’t an easy way to engage with your posts people won’t.  Ask for an opinion, pose a question, ask for advice.  Engagement gives your posts more reach sending them into other people’s feeds and attracts new eyes to your content and your profile.
  5. Keep an eye on how your posts are doing.  The analytics on LinkedIn aren’t great.  I started using in May and my engagement, comments, views … and my business, have all grown.  The app gives you a great overview of how your content is performing, which posts have worked well, what time of day is best and more.  The link I’ve shared here does give me a couple of months free if you sign up (thank you).  The app is free for 14 days and then USD6 month.  For me it's been a total game changer.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for reaching new people, connecting with them, and getting business.  When working with speakers to help them get more business, LinkedIn is where we focus our time and attention. 
If like me you love to geek out a bit on understanding LinkedIn and how to get more eyes on your posts – The Algorithm Report 2022 by Richard van der Blom is worth a read.  Do follow him on LinkedIn to keep up to date with what the algorithm is doing”

I hope this has been useful, do let me know.

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