How quality scoping can win you more business with Mary Tillson

Scoping is an important part of your sales process. Done well it will help you to close more business and do more work with every client you work with.  

Mary Tillson, is Head of Speaker Coaching and Momentum for Speaking Business Academy. She helps speakers develop their content and messaging, and maximise their personal impact and delivery style to ensure that they are at all times relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to be able to listen to and understand them. Mary supports speakers in delivering more than “just a speech” and build on the momentum achieved from their speeches. Mary shares insights on how quality scoping can help you deliver the vital “so what” factor for your client and enable you to win more business.

Mary gives us insights into:

  • What is Scoping?
  • Ensuring your beat your competition to win the business
  • Giving your client more than ‘just a speech’.
  • The Never Asked Question
  • Controlling the Controllables
  • Tools for Scoping
  • Examples of Scoping winning more business for Speakers

Clients today are often looking for more than “just a speech”. They increasingly want implementation, not simply information and many want to see a return on their investment( ROI). Many are now looking for more interaction, Masterclasses, Workshops and for some, full programmes of learning to really embed the skills and knowledge acquired during a Keynote, back within their business.

For tips on how to take an enquiry effectively, have a read of our article which includes a summary slide here

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