Bios 101 – Is your bio helping you to get booked?

A well written bio will get you booked.  I’ve said this before, and I will say it again and again as most bios I see are badly written and don’t do the job they need to do. 
A well written speaker bio tells the booker what qualifies you to talk about what you talk about – it shows your expertise, experience, and credibility.  The bio should make this clear from the beginning.   If your bio opens with where you were born, grew up, and went to school you’re not doing yourself any favours.
Here’s a simple action you can take today to greatly improve your bio.
Firstly, please print your bio out.  (I apologise to all millennials reading this as I know you don’t have printers).  Now get a highlighter pen and highlight all the information that is in your bio that addresses your credibility, experience, expertise. This is the most important information, and it should be in the first paragraph.  This is what a booker needs to see straight away.
If you have highlighted information scattered throughout the bio, possibly to keep the booker reading all the way through, it’s time to rearrange it and bring it to the top.  You see bookers don’t tend to read a full bio unless you have given them the most important information upfront. 
Please share a photo of your highlighted bio, I’d love to see it.  

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