Close more enquiries with our Proposal Template


Well the only time I sent the proposal out I got the job, and when I haven’t…I didn’t get it, so there is good feedback!”  Michael Anderson

Increase your chances of getting booked with a well written proposal.

I am amazed how often speakers who have been approached by a prospect about an event, have a conversation and leave it at that.  They rely on the prospect to remember them, what they’ve discussed and to report back to the other decision makers.(trust me there will be more than one decision maker).

The problem with that is that most bookers are considering several speakers at any one time and if you don’t help them to remember you, you are relying on them.  Most people will remember the last person they spoke to in more detail than any other, so you are taking a huge gamble.  Stack the odds in your favour by following up after all discussions with some kind of proposal. 

Here are 3 options for you:

  1. Simply summarise what was discussed and what you can do
  2. Send a little video about how you would talk on the subject again summarising what was discussed (this is what Super-creativity speaker James Taylor does and it works brilliantly for him).
  3. Send a proposal, not only detailing what you discussed but sharing additional information that when shared with others in the decision-making group, giveyou the best chance of getting selected.

Option 3 is what we did very well in our bureau.  We had a proposal template that clients loved, something we could create quickly but that was personal and not only added value but gave us huge credibility.  It also meant that our close rate for bookings was higher than average and clients came back again and again.

I’ve taken that template and adapted it for speakers to use and now you can grab a copy for yourself.  No more scratching your head wondering how to start your follow-up, what to include and how to finish.  Not only do you get the template but you also get notes on how to use it.  

I guarantee it will change how you write to clients.  You’ll look forward to preparing a proposal rather than avoiding it, and you’ll close more bookings. 

Cost: GBP 29.99