Create a Killer Speaker Showreel that will get you booked

A good showreel will help you get booked again and again, most fail to do so because they are not created with the booker in mind.  Whether you have lots of footage or only one good quality video, let me storyboard your video using my experience as a booker to make it easy for meeting planners and clients to choose You.


How does storyboarding work?

Having worked in and run Speaker Bureaus for over 20 years I've seen more videos than most people have eaten hot dinners.  I know which videos work to get clients to say - yes this is the speaker I want to book.  For me a great showreel stands alone and gives the booker all the information they need in order to make a decision.  But most reels don't deliver on that because they are not made with a booker in mind.

I will take your speech video and pick out the clips that will leave bookers wanting more, the kind of content bookers want on their stages.  I'll reduce your 45/60 minute video down to showreel length and suggest a sequence for you including testimonials, accolades, photos and clips.  Once delivered you can then hand to your editor (or ours) to put together professionally.  

I might even send your completed reel to one or two of my bureau friends ....

Aaron Phipps

Aaron Phipps presented me with a 45 minute speech video, action video clips, list of testimonials, logos and branding.  I went through his video, chose the clips and put together the flow of the movie.  He allowed me to choose his music and write his introduction. This is the result:


Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett created new footage with us in a hired studio with a film crew.  We gathered all the materials and created a showreel.  This is the result:


Brendan Hall

Brendan Hall shared 2 keynote speech videos with me, action clips, his choice of music, testimonials, logos, introduction and branding.  I chose to use only one of the speech videos as the quality was considerably higher than the first.  Here is the result:


Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon came to us with no video footage.  We hired a studio and film crew.  Then gathered all the materials we needed to create the showreel. He also spent a session with Mary Tillson using the WOMBAT method to fine tune his content before we filmed. Here's the result:


Shelley Bridgman

Shelley Bridgman had minimal footage to create a reel but wanted to create something professional for a speaker bureau that had just signed her up for them to use to show clients who she is, how she speaks, her humour and her topics.  Here's the result:


Nick Davies

Nick Davies had a great piece of video but didn’t know which clips to choose that would both show his expertise but also his great sense of humour.  He asked me to go through and storyboard it for him.  The result is a punchy reel that shows who he is and what he does. Here's the result:

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