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Whether you are wanting to move from public speaking to paid speaking, or you are an experienced speaker wanting to grow your business you need to know exactly what to do to achieve your objectives.


You need a guide; a speaking business roadmap.   


For many speakers the pandemic has disrupted their Speaking, for some in a good way, for others it has been catastrophic. 

This is about setting yourself up for success; creating a strategy that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.  It's very difficult to make a long journey without map and it's the same for your Speaking Business.  Let us help you to create that roadmap so that you know exactly what you need to do. 

Let us help you to make this year your best year yet. 


What are you waiting for?

Make this year your best year yet, let's do it.

£695 plus VAT for a 90 minutes session
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Who am I?

Maria Franzoni is Founder and Chief Enthusiast of Speaking Business Academy. 

As one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and recognised as a speaking industry expert, Maria supports speakers (established and new) to enter into new markets, develop content, make strategic decisions about their speaking business, develop longer relationships with clients and maximise their income.    

Maria has held senior positions with 2 leading speaker bureaus: CSA Celebrity Speakers and London Speaker Bureau.  In 2007 she founded her own multi-million pound bureau, Maria Franzoni Ltd.  She is founding member and former co-chair of the European Association of Speaker Bureaus, Director of Operations at We Do Things Differently cultural change consultancy and host of the Speaking Business Podcast. 

Prior to working with speakers Maria worked in retail management, management consultancy, educational travel and as an entrepreneur.  Her experience in other industries has given her an excellent foundation and hands-on understanding of how to run and grow profitable businesses. 

Whether you are new to the speaking world or a veteran who needs to reignite their passion, creating a Speaking Business Roadmap will....

  • Give you clarity on what you need to focus on to succeed. 
  • Give you a personalised step by step actions that you need to take.
  • An experienced industry expert's input in how to get to where you want to be faster