To get booked to speak you need to be visible and you need to be known. The easiest way to do that is to post great content regularly. 

And the best platform to create regular content on is the platform where the bookers are - LinkedIn.

But creating content is yet another thing to do on the list and you are already far too busy to have time to get creative.  Let me help you.

Posting regularly on LinkedIn drives more engagement and opportunities to get business.  Regularly doesn’t mean constantly, 3 times a week works very well.  However even 3 times a week can seem overwhelming when you have lots of work to do, no time to plan and create your content.  I can do it for you.  I understand the business of speaking and  know the type of content that resonates with speaker bookers.  (I used to be one!)

Let me create content to allow you to post 3 times per week for 3 months. The posts will vary in type, including videos, images, written posts, quotes, and polls.

Book a call to discuss your requirements

How it works:

I need some input from you before we start but don't worry we will send you a questionnaire to complete. Examples of the information we need are:  

  • Your target audience
  • What your main messages are
  • What you like and don’t like
  • Your style of writing and tone of voice. 

Together we will agree the main themes of the 3 months content.  If you have anything you specifically want to promote, we will include this in the planning.  When we are clear on what we are going to focus on we will do a Zoom recording session (45 minutes) where we will create several short Q&A videos to use as posts (the video will be transcribed).  

I am then ready to get creating for you.  

All content will look and feel 100% authentic and on brand and I'll stay in communication with you so that we can include anything that is going on currently that you would like to share.

You can review your posts and if any changes are needed you can let us know and we can make revisions.

Cost: £1500 GBP plus VAT for 3 months of content creation

Content Creation

£1500 GBP plus VAT for 3 months